From left: 2023 Gibbon Princess Taylor Schafer, the 2024 Gibbon Royalty Gabriela Gonzalez and Lynnea Schwecke, and 2023 Miss Gibbon Katelyn Beranek
Your 2023 Gibbon Royalty with visiting royalty from 11 neighboring communities and beyond

Gibbon Royalty

The Gibbon Royalty program's purpose is to provide leadership opportunities for the young women of Gibbon and encourage them to approach life with confidence, poise, strength and a positive attitude. 
Visit us on Facebook for a look at some of the fun events our royals attend and help with around our community and beyond!

It's honestly the most fun a girl can have while earning a college scholarship!


2024 Royalty - Gabriela Gonzalez & Lynnea Schwecke

2023 - Miss Gibbon Katelyn Beranek, Princess Taylor Schafer
2022 - Miss Gibbon Allie Kretsch, Princess Kendra Kramer
2021 - Miss Gibbon Brooklyn Werner, Princess Lexi Rettig 

2020 - Miss Gibbon Rylee Sabo, Princess Baleigh Peterson
2019 - Miss Gibbon Emily Burns, Princess Stephanie Mashuga
2018 - Miss Gibbon Shylo Hilbert, Princess Jordan Rettig
2017 - Miss Gibbon Kaitlyn Unger
2016 - Miss Gibbon Haylee Fransen, Princess Jessica Meyer

2015 - Miss Gibbon Bailey Ahlers
2014 - Miss Gibbon Jessica Bode, Princess Jamie Laabs
2013 - Miss Gibbon Mariah Schwecke, Princess Johanna Jutz
2012 - Miss Gibbon Alicia Evenson, Princess & Miss Congeniality Kelly Becker
2011 - Miss Gibbon Kari Taralseth, Princess Karissa Schwecke, Miss Congeniality Hannah Rider

2010 - Miss Gibbon & Miss Congeniality Brittani Ruschmeyer, Princess Brooke Neuman
2009 - Miss Gibbon Johanna Forst, Princess & Miss Congeniality Catherine Schiro
2008 - Miss Gibbon Kelsey Guggisberg, Princess Brittany Black, Miss Congeniality Krystal Bode
2007 - Miss Gibbon Anna Ahlbrecht, Princess Megan Klement, Miss Congeniality Kayla Kramer
2006 - Miss Gibbon Jenna Forstner, Princess Tina Bruns, Miss Congeniality Barbara Rider

2005 - Miss Gibbon & Miss Congeniality Emma Kachelmeier, Princess Karissa Grams
2004 - Miss Gibbon & Miss Congeniality Kari Schwecke, Princess Kelsey Turtle
2003 - Miss Gibbon Joni Forstner, Princess & Miss Congeniality Katianne Briese
2002 - Miss Gibbon Rachel Lunderborg, Princess & Miss Congeniality Dawn Dreier
2001 - Miss Gibbon Bethany Bentz, Princess Kristine Rehbein & Miss Congeniality Ashley Dingels

2000 - Miss Gibbon Rachel Rieger, Princess Danielle Schwecke & Miss Congeniality Dana Bruns
1999 - Miss Gibbon Shelly Hillman, Princess Shelly Augustine
1998 - Miss Gibbon Dana Gruenhagen, Princess Tiffany Bentz
1997 - Miss Gibbon Audra Matray, Princess Melissa Jaeger
1996 - Miss Gibbon Katie Guggisberg, Princess Marcia Lochner

1995 - Miss Gibbon Bobbi Fulkerson, Princess Stacy Johnson
1994 - Miss Gibbon Jami Ellingson, Princess Karrin Schreiner
1993 - Miss Gibbon Stacy Guggisberg, Princess Krista Ketchmark
1992 - Miss Gibbon Laurie Schwarzrock, Princess Sara Ruschmeyer
1991 - Miss Gibbon Nikki Neville, Princesses Becky Southworth & Bridget Ahlbrecht

1987 - Miss Gibbon Ahna Thoresen, Princesses Patty Beranek & Debbie Plantz
1985 - Miss Gibbon Audra Schafer, Princess Jodi Rieke
1983 - Miss Gibbon Sarah Isakson, Princesses Mary Buellmer & Lynn Melmer
1979 - Miss Gibbon Sue Tabbert, Princesses Renae Spaude & Maria Neyers
1977 - Miss Gibbon Renee Forst, Princesses Lori Spaude & Nora Ohlman

Nickie Sabo & Anna Theis